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Phuong Rohwer is the woman behind the jewellery company, East Copenhagen Jewellery. With more than 12 years of experience within the jewellery business (Production and Logistics Manager), she has now created a new brand in an elegant and luxurious Scandinavian design, using the finest craftsmanship. 

She is born and raised in Saigon, Vietnam and now lives in Copenhagen. 

During her travelling around the Far East she has found the inspiration for her first collection in the diverse expression of Asian nature, which she has now re-interpreted by incorporating contemporary Scandinavian tendencies. Hence the collection names Sapa, Drops, Waves, Hoi An and Palm.

The collection is stylish, feminine and luxurious in a classic and timeless design, based on the finest craftsmanship. Phuong has created a series of jewelleries in which each beautiful piece expresses elegance with a modern look and edge. By combining the different jewellery drops and stones, it is easy to create an individual and unique look and style. 

The East Copenhagen Jewellery collection is produced in rhodium, plated and rose plated sterling silver in a pave setting with cubic zirconia.

The feminine and unique look is created for the woman who values fine luxury and high quality.