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Privacy policy - Website with webshop (B2C) At East Copenhagen Jewelery ("ECJ," or "we") we prioritize data security and confidentiality. This privacy policy sets out clear guidelines for East Copenhagen Jewelery's way of processing your personal information. The following describes how we use the personal information that you leave and / or provide when you visit our website and when you use the various services on our website. 1. Data controller and contact informationThis website is operated and owned by: East Copenhagen JeweleryDigevej 18, DK-2300 Copenhagen SCVR 27014232Tlf. 2. Collection of Personal Information You will always be informed in connection with the collection of personal information about you. For example, the personal information we collect may include your name, email address, home address, telephone number and similar identification information, information about an online purchase, and your navigation on the Website. When submitting information, it will always be stated whether the submission is voluntary or necessary for the execution of the desired action, for example conducting a trade in our webshop. Collection of your personal data is done in one or more of the following cases: - When you buy goods online at / When you sign up for East Copenhagen Jewelery, newsletter - When you create a customer account at / When you sign up for East Copenhagen Jewelery customer club / loyalty club (either online or through physical registration at trade fairs) - When you participate in one of East Copenhagen Jewelery competitions Although if you use your email address in more than one of the above cases, your information will only be collected and recorded in one place. This way, for example, your information can be reused when you shop with us, and at the same time you avoid receiving the same marketing material from East Copenhagen Jewelery several times. 3. Use of personal dataPersonal information is collected and used for the following purposes: - Execution of orders in our webshop - Subscribe to newsletter- Customer club / loyalty club administration - User account / profile management - Participation in competitions or other events - Submission of other marketing material, including invitations for events and awarding of value codes - Collection and evaluation of consumer reviews - Overview of purchase history - Statistics - Other marketing measuresWe point out that the use of your personal data for submitting marketing material will only take place unless you have given your explicit consent before, unless the law gives possibility that we can contact you without your consent first. East Copenhagen Jewelery keeps statistics of which areas of the website our users visit as well as which products are the users' favorite. This data does not contain personal information. With the data collected, knowledge of the users' use of the website is obtained. This information is used to improve the website. On the other hand, we use data on all of our users' navigation to understand how our users, as a whole group, use /, and on this basis try to improve the website. We do not see where you are coming from or browsing the Internet when you leave our site. In addition, we collect information about what products our users, as a single group, prefer. This information is also used to improve the site. We do not sell or otherwise disclose information about our users' use and navigation on our website. And we do not sell or disclose your purchase information to third parties.4. Disclosure to other data controllersYour personal data is, as a rule, not disclosed to a third party without your permission. However, information for goods delivery is provided to the shipping company used by East Copenhagen Jewelery. In addition, under certain circumstances and under the law, information may need to be disclosed to public authorities or the police. For example, information may be disclosed to the police in case of suspected credit card fraud. In the event of a restructuring or full or partial sale of the business, any disclosure in such connection will be in accordance with the applicable legislation for the processing of personal data at any time. 5. Handing over to data processorsYour personal data is left to East Copenhagen Jewelery partners who provide services on behalf of East Copenhagen Jewelery, for example in connection with the circulation of newsletters. These partners only process personal data on behalf of East Copenhagen Jewelery and in accordance with East Copenhagen Jewelery instructions.